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Advancing feline health research that benefits every cat, every day

Winn Feline Foundation is now EveryCat Health Foundation — and our commitment to feline health research, education and communication has never been stronger.


Our Mission

EveryCat Health Foundation advances feline health by supporting groundbreaking research and education. Every cat, every day benefits from our foundation.


Our Work

EveryCat Health Foundation is the world’s only nonprofit focused solely on feline health research. We award grants for cutting edge research in feline medicine. Ranging from clinically applicable proposals to long shot investigations with game-changing potential, we meticulously evaluate grants and administer funds that have a high impact on feline health and welfare. With a very low expense ratio and strict humane guidelines for all our grants, we also incorporate educational opportunities to raise awareness of our achievements.

EveryCat Health Foundation conducts at least two grant reviews annually. Our Grant Review Committee is composed of veterinarians, academia, cat fanciers, and other feline experts. Past highlights include the discovery of taurine as the major cause of dilated cardiomyopathy, the use of high protein/low carbohydrate diets as mainstay treatment of diabetes mellitus, discovery of feline blood types, development of in-clinic Feline Leukemia tests, treatment of asthma with metered dose inhalant therapy, effective antiviral therapy for FIP, any many, many other accomplishments.

Arguably, no organization has changed the way feline medicine is practiced as much as EveryCat Health Foundation.

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Our History


Established in 1968 by The Cat Fanciers’ Association as the CFA Foundation, Robert Winn served as our first president. Our first grant was funded in 1971 and, shortly thereafter, the foundation was renamed The Robert H. Winn Foundation for Cat Research. In 2006, we became a separate organization, Winn Feline Foundation. In 2020, the foundation was renamed EveryCat Health Foundation to broaden our appeal to the owners of the hundreds of millions of cats worldwide. CFA continues to be a valued partner and actively supports the foundation, still dedicated to their original vision to promote the health and welfare of all cats.

Robert H. Winn was an icon, and held the position of CFA Attorney for more than three decades. At turns taciturn or jovial, he didn’t suffer fools lightly. At times of frustration, he would say “Are we a high school sorority or fraternity… or are we a business corporation?” According to 1971 Yearbook editor Christine Streetman, “His ready ire or wit may fall on friend or foe alike, but it is safe to say that Robert Winn has been ahead of his time… However, many of us have not always been ready for certain innovations because they seemed ‘far-out’.”

To honor his vision and true to his “far-out” innovations, EveryCat was born to reach a wider audience and greatly increase our impact worldwide. His ideals and determination still guide us in funding the cutting-edge research we’ve always been known for. And, while our name has changed, we still embody the same goals that he envisioned more the half a century ago.

“50 Years of Advancing Feline Medicine: Winn Feline Foundation Helping Every Cat, Every Day – 1968-2018”


When you donate to EveryCat, you help:

Fund research grants

EveryCat accepts proposals for feline health studies, which are reviewed under rigorous standards for:

  • Scientific merit
  • Value to cats
  • Soundness of design
  • Budget

We support only humane research that follows established guidelines. Every dollar awarded to researchers goes directly toward research support for general health studies, specific research areas or breed-related health studies. (EveryCat grants are not subject to the indirect or overhead costs commonly applied to research grants.)

Provide resources for professionals and cat owners

What we know about feline health continues to change. EveryCat has been there at the leading edge for more than 50 years, funding research, discovering new information, generating interest in the veterinary community and getting the word out to every cat owner. In addition to keeping supporters up to date with feline health-related news, studies and advancements, EveryCat:

  • Organizes events for veterinary health care teams, breeders and cat lovers
  • Helps produce international veterinary conferences
  • Offers webinars and other education opportunities for both the veterinary community and the public.

Invest in cat health for future generations.